What is Work for the Dole?

Work for the Dole is part of the Australian Government’s new jobactive employment service.

It is a work experience programme designed to help job seekers gain new skills while they look for work.

During Work for the Dole, job seekers undertake work-like activities at a host organisation or as part of a community based project.

Job seekers continue to receive income support and assistance from their jobactive provider during Work for the Dole.


Can my organisation be involved?

Not-for-profit organisations and local, state, territory and Australian government agencies are able to participate in Work for the Dole as a host organisation.


What activities can be done?

There are many activities that can be done as part of Work for the Dole, for example:

  • gardening or maintenance works
  • retail work
  • hospitality services
  • rehabilitation of public parks and spaces
  • office administration
  • computer graphics activities
  • animal and wildlife shelter activities
  • warehouse duties.

Work for the Dole activities can be offered on an individual or group basis depending on the needs of the host organisation.

There are some limitations on the type of work job seekers can do. For example, the activity cannot be in child care or preschools.

Work for the Dole must not involve tasks normally done by a paid worker, including a casual or part-time paid employee, or result in reduced hours for any paid employees


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How can you become a Work for the Dole host organisation?

If you are interested in offering one or more places to Work for the Dole participants please contact your local Work for the Dole Coordinator. They will work with you and jobactive providers to identify suitable Work for the Dole places.

What support is available for host organisations?

Your local Work for the Dole Coordinator and jobactive provider will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met.

Some funding is available to help offset the costs of hosting a Work for the Dole place.


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